remember why you're a nurse?

Work With Us

You work for your job, but your job should also work for YOU. We value our employees and recognize they are the foundation for everything we want to accomplish for our patients. We are committed to improving the patient experience in homecare, and to do so, we know it starts by improving the work life of our employees.

Better support. Professional learning and development opportunities. More efficient solutions. A culture where your voice will be heard.

Just one shift a week from you can be the difference between
home-based care and institutionalization for our patients.

3M+ hours

Number of home nursing hours allocated to pediatric and adult patients for care that is deemed
by the state of MA to
"require the skill of a nurse."


Percentage of home nursing hours staffed in 2021. This left nearly all patients lacking medically necessary nursing care, and caused them to risk institutionalization.


Number of available beds at appropriate long-term care facilities in the state of MA. Homecare patients risk unnecessary admissions from lack of nursing care at home.

Our Values

The values that drive everything we do

We listened to hundreds of patients and nurses, then developed our values based on those conversations and pain points, to drive our every move.


You'll never worry if your billing or pay is correct, or how we make the decisions we make. Call and ask, we'll answer, and we will be honest and clear. No runaround.


We are committed to the success of our employees. We provide training, professional development, and continuing education of all our nurses, and are invested in student nurses and new graduate nurse like no agency in the market.

Equity and inclusion

We don't leave the sickest patients at the bottom of the list and staff the ones that are easiest to fill. We carefully consider patient needs, and triage caregiver placements in a way that is equitable and appropriate.


We are piloting innovative technology to improve patient and caregiver matching, with a hope to reduce wait time, create longer-term caregiver relationships, and close the gap between your allocated and utilized nursing hours.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join Marathon Nursing?

If you're a care seeker, click the contact us form, tell us about the hours you are trying to fill, and what type of general care needs, and we will be in touch with you right away to discuss and coordinate care.

What counties do you service?

Currently we are focused on the greater Boston area including Plymouth, Bristol, Norfolk, Suffolk, Middlesex, Essex and Worcester counties.

Do you currently have a Facebook group?

You can find us on Facebook and Instagram @marathonnursing. Please like and share us with your nurse and patient friends.

Learn With Us

Marathon Nursing offers several CEU's and other opportunities to help nurses improve their knowledge and skills.